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We Paint Plastered Homes

The paint coating system is an integral part of all exterior plaster cladding systems and is critical to the weathertightness of your home. The performance of any paint coating system is dependent upon the condition of the substrate and this is especially so with plaster cladding systems. Substrate preparation is always the key to ensuring the long-term performance of a paint coating.

Defects with the plaster system such as fracturing, poor detailing, lack of control joints, missing flashings and poor terminations must be rectified to provide a sound substrate for the paint system. With a specialist plaster repair division, we have the specialist experience and expertise to recognise such issues and complete any repairs or maintenance to your plaster system prior to painting your plaster home.

Paint colour selection is also critical as each plaster system (i.e. masonry, fibre cement, polystyrene & AAC) has a different ability to disperse heat from the sun away from the plaster system. Excessive heat generation in a plaster system leads to thermal fracturing and will compromise the long-term performance of the plaster and paint coating system. We have the experience and technical expertise to ensure the correct paint coating system is selected for your job and is installed to specification.

Roof Paint

If your roof is in need of maintenance then we can help. We offer a comprehensive roofing service that includes painting, repairs and washing

Our expert tradespeople are qualified to work on all types of roofs including concrete tiles, iron roofs and steep pitched roofs on both old and modern homes.

All our workmanship and products are backed by warranties and we provide free on-site quotes throughout the Auckland region.


Interior Commercial and Residential

Whether you wish to modernize the inside of your home with a fresh paint job and/or a change of color scheme, we can help you. We have been painting interiors since 2000 and specialize in refurbishing and repainting existing homes. We only use Premium Quality Paints from our mainstream paint suppliers. All quality painting projects start with paint substrate preparation and our service includes building repairs and Gib stopping 

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