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Curtain Cleaning Service in Tauranga and Bay of Plenty

Tauranga Curtain Cleaning Service / Mould Treatment / Curtain Washing CleaningPro offers professional curtain cleaning services in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty region. Our experienced curtain cleaners are skilled in cleaning most types of curtains and provide additional services such as curtain mould treatment and curtain repair.

MiniClean - Curtain Cleaning Service in Tauranga and Bay of Plenty

Curtain Cleaning Service Pricing:

  • Small Curtains (per pair): $40

  • Medium Curtains (per pair): $60

  • Large Curtains (per pair): $80

  • Extra Large Curtains (per pair): $120

  • Curtain Lining (per pair): $20

  • Curtain Mould Treatment (per pair): $15

  • Curtain Net (Lightweight): $20

  • Ironing (per pair): $30

  • Curtain Lining Replacement (per sqm): $30

  • Pickup & Delivery Charge: $80

*Prices exclude GST.

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Tauranga Curtain Cleaning Service / Mould Treatment / Curtain Washing CleaningPro offers professional curtain cleaning services in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty region. Our experienced curtain cleaners are skilled in cleaning most types of curtains and provide additional services such as curtain mould treatment and curtain repair.

Curtain Cleaning Service: Curtains play an essential role in your home, but dirty curtains not only pose a threat to your health but also affect the overall appearance of your home. Cleaning curtains at home can be a hassle, but with CleaningPro, you can rely on professional curtain cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. We use modern methods and powerful cleaning products and machines to remove germs, dust, and bacteria, giving your curtains a fresh and rejuvenated look.

The cleaning method employed depends on the type and fabric of your curtains. Our expert cleaners will determine whether to proceed with dry cleaning or curtain washing. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that effectively clean and sanitize your curtains, eliminating any unwanted odors. Upon request, we can also provide specialized treatment to kill dust mites. Additionally, we have products to tackle a wide variety of stains on curtains and drapes. While some stains may be challenging to treat depending on their type and age, we do our best to address them promptly.

Our curtain cleaning specialists consider various factors to ensure maximum care for your curtains:

  • Fabric Care: We pay special attention to fabric integrity, removing dust and chemical residues to prevent rapid deterioration. Our experts employ specific techniques suitable for all types of fabrics, including chenille, heavy-weight tapestries, brocades, damasks, and textured weaves.

  • Washing: We understand that fabrics may lose some integrity during washing. Our experts take precautions, carefully considering temperature and employing the best washing methods. We remove drawstrings, hooks, weights, and other metal parts before washing to ensure optimal care.

  • Thermal Drapes: Thermal drape fabrics can be both washable and dry-cleanable, requiring specialized attention. Our trained cleaners gather all the necessary information and make informed decisions regarding the cleaning process for your curtains.

Curtain Mould Treatment: If you're dealing with unsightly black mould on the back of your curtains, we offer specialized curtain mould treatment. Our mould removal process not only eliminates mould stains but also kills mould spores. After treatment, your curtains will resist mould growth for 6-12 months. Please note that this service can only be provided in conjunction with curtain washing. However, in high humidity and low ventilation conditions, mould regrowth may occur before the 6-month mark.

What Causes Mould on Curtains? If you're experiencing recurring mould on your curtains, it's essential to understand the underlying causes. At CleaningPro, our highly skilled professionals can address this issue effectively. While condensation on windows is not a direct cause, mould growth on curtains often results from warm and damp indoor environments.

As temperatures rise, moisture in the air evaporates and is absorbed by fabrics in the house. When the temperature cools down, the moisture transitions from a gaseous state to a liquid form. Along with the moisture, bacteria and mould spores are also absorbed, leading to recurring mould growth. Professional curtain mould treatment is the key to eliminating this problem.

Understanding Mould: Mould is a broad term encompassing various fungi. When it comes to curtains, mould can grow beneath the surface and damage the fabric. The humid weather in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty region makes many households susceptible to mould growth. Although regular curtain washing may provide some relief, many people prefer to enlist the help of experienced curtain cleaners for a thorough and professional job. Mould growth is not limited to weather-related factors; it can be caused by cooking, drying clothes, showering, gas heaters, and even moisture produced while breathing.

Why Choose a Professional Curtain Cleaning Service? If you're trying to get rid of mouldy curtains, it's best not to attempt it on your own. Professional cleaners possess the skills and tools necessary for an effective clean. While it's common to clean blinds and curtains occasionally, the proximity of blinds and curtains to moisture makes them susceptible to mould growth. At CleaningPro, we offer a cost-effective solution that doesn't involve purchasing new curtains.

Our professional curtain mould treatment ensures 100% mould elimination, regardless of the type of fabric used in your window furnishings. We breathe new life into your existing curtains, even if they're covered in mould. Curtain cleaning services in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty region are increasingly popular due to the humid weather conditions.

Curtain Repair: While we have your curtains for cleaning, our skilled curtain cleaners can take care of general repairs. We replace missing hooks and nylon tag pins at no additional charge. If your curtains require re-hemming, torn lining repair, or broken pleat repair, we will provide you with a quote after inspecting the curtains. For curtain lining replacement, we offer upfront quotes, including restitching. Satin Line 3 pass block-out lining replacement is priced at $30 per square meter, including labor, with a minimum charge of $90 per curtain. Please note that curtain repairs are only carried out on cleaned curtains.

Curtain Pickup, Delivery, and Turnaround: We provide convenient pickup and delivery services for your curtains at a small call-out fee of $80 within a 30km radius of Tauranga CBD. If you're located outside this radius, additional call-out charges may apply. Email us with your address and contact details, and we will provide you with the exact call-out fee. Additionally, if you're planning to renovate your home, we offer a curtain cleaning and storage service. Storage charges apply after 3 months. Alternatively, you can drop off and pick up your curtains at our Henderson drop-off point to save on call-out charges.

Henderson Drop-off Point Address: Tauranga 0610

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30AM - 5:30PM Saturday: 8:30AM - 2:30PM Sunday: Closed

Please note that our services are off-site and require approximately 2-3 nights to complete the processing. For those residing outside Tauranga, you can send your curtains to us via local post or courier. 


Curtain Cleaning Prices: Curtain cleaning prices vary based on the size of your curtains. To obtain an accurate measurement, measure the height and width of your curtains (width from the bottom when stretched out) and use the larger number for sizing purposes.

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